Interface SerialPortIdentifier

  • @NonNullByDefault
    public interface SerialPortIdentifier
    Interface of a serial port identifier.
    Markus Rathgeb - Initial contribution
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the name of the port.
        the port's name
      • open

        SerialPort open​(String owner,
                        int timeout)
                 throws PortInUseException
        Opens a serial port for communicating.
        owner - name of the owner that port should be assigned to
        timeout - time in milliseconds to block waiting for opening the port
        a serial port
        PortInUseException - thrown when the serial port is already in use
      • isCurrentlyOwned

        boolean isCurrentlyOwned()
        Determines whether the associated port is in use by an application (including this application).
        true if an application is using the port, false if the port is not currently owned.
      • getCurrentOwner

        @Nullable String getCurrentOwner()
        Returns a textual representation of the current owner of the port. An owner is an application which is currently using the port (in the sense that it opened the port and has not closed it yet). To check if a port is owned use the isCurrentlyOwned method. Do not rely on this method to return null. It can't be guaranteed that owned ports have a non null owner.
        the port owner or null if the port is not currently owned