Interface ScriptExtensionManagerWrapper

@NonNullByDefault public interface ScriptExtensionManagerWrapper
Simon Merschjohann - Initial contribution
  • Method Details

    • getTypes

      List<String> getTypes()
    • getPresets

      List<String> getPresets()
    • get

      @Nullable Object get(String type)
    • getScriptIdentifier

      String getScriptIdentifier()
    • getDefaultPresets

      List<String> getDefaultPresets()
    • importPreset

      Map<String,Object> importPreset(String preset)
      Imports a collection of named host objects/classes into a script engine instance. Sets of objects are provided under their object name, and categorized by preset name. This method will import all named objects for a specific preset name.
      preset - the name of the preset to import
      a map of host object names to objects
      See Also:
      • ScriptExtensionManager