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@NonNullByDefault public interface Action extends Module
This interface represents automation Action modules which are the expected result of Rules execution. They describe the actual work that should be performed by the Rule as a response to a trigger.

Each Action can provide information to the next Actions in the list through its Outputs. The actions have Inputs to process input data from other Actions or Triggers.

Actions can be configured.

The building elements of the Actions are ConfigDescriptionParameters, Inputs and Outputs. They are defined by the corresponding ActionType.

Action modules are placed in the actions section of the Rule definition.

Yordan Mihaylov - Initial contribution, Ana Dimova - Initial contribution, Vasil Ilchev - Initial contribution
  • Method Details

    • getInputs

      Map<String,String> getInputs()
      Gets the input references of the Action. The references define how the Inputs of this Module are connected to Outputs of other Modules.
      a map with the input references of this action.