Package org.openhab.core.auth

package org.openhab.core.auth
  • Class
    Definition of authentication given to username after verification of credentials by authentication provider.
    Base type for exceptions thrown by authentication layer.
    Authentication manager is main entry point for all places which are interested in securing requests and verifying their originator.
    Realizations of this type are responsible for checking validity of various credentials and giving back authentication which defines access scope for authenticated user or system.
    Marker interface for credentials which can be handled by authentication providers.
    Represents a generic User with a set of roles
    A User sourced from a managed UserProvider.
    The pending information used in an OAuth2 authorization flow, set after the user has authorized the client to access resources, and has been redirected to the callback URI with an authorization code.
    Interface defining constants for roles within the framework.
    Base type for exceptions reporting security concerns.
    A dedicated exception thrown when extracted credentials can not be matched with any authentication provider.
    A user represents an individual, physical person using the system.
    An API token represents long-term credentials generated by (or for) a user, giving the bearer access for a certain scope on behalf of this user.
    Credentials which represent a user API token.
    Credentials which represent user name and password.
    An interface for a Provider of User entities
    An interface for a generic Registry of User entities.
    A persistent session for a ManagedUser, which holds a refresh token used by a client to get short-lived access tokens for API requests authorization.