Class OAuthResponseException

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    public class OAuthResponseException
    extends Exception
    This is an exception class for OAUTH specific errors. i.e. The error responses described in the RFC6749. Do NOT confuse this with Java errors.

    To keep it simple, this exception class serves for both Authorization Request and Authorization Grant error response

    The field names are kept exactly the same as the specification. This allows the error responses to be directly deserialized from JSON.

    Gary Tse - Initial contribution
    See Also:
    rfc6749 section-, rfc6749 section-5.2, Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • OAuthResponseException

        public OAuthResponseException()
    • Method Detail

      • getError

        public String getError()
      • setError

        public void setError​(String error)
      • getErrorDescription

        public String getErrorDescription()
      • setErrorDescription

        public void setErrorDescription​(String errorDescription)
      • getErrorUri

        public String getErrorUri()
      • setErrorUri

        public void setErrorUri​(String errorUri)
      • getState

        public String getState()
      • setState

        public void setState​(String state)