IFTTT Integration for openHAB

IFTTT meets openHAB

openHAB users can take advantage of IFTTT to realize even more use cases in their smart home!

What is IFTTT?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a very popular web-based service that allows users to create "applets", which can combine different web services into powerful automation rules.

Why use openHAB with IFTTT?

openHAB already integrates with far more than 200 different smart home technologies. While there are some web services like Twitter available, this is not the primary integration focus of openHAB. Therefore IFTTT perfectly complements the features of openHAB: With its hundreds of channels, there are limitless new creative options: Be notified through text-to-speech if you are receive a DM on twitter, be warned through your lights if your favorite stock price falls below a certain threshold or put your house in away-mode when you turn on the ignition of your car - you can get further inspiration by browsing through existing applets.

Update my presence if Nest says I'm back home.

Open my garage when I turn on the ignition

Announce finished tasks through text-to-speech

Besides the new kinds of integration possibilities, IFTTT is also a perfect start for new openHAB users as it makes the creation of rules dead simple - no need to do any scripting, no complex setup routines, it all works through a few mouse clicks!

IFTTT Do Button

We have also integrated with IFTTT’s Do Button. The Do button allows you to access often required functionality very quickly - either through the Do app, as a widget or even as a floating button, that is always present on your screen.

Let's Go!

IFTTT is available to all our users through the myopenHAB service. Once you have your myopenHAB account set up, all you have to do is to decide, which items you want to share with IFTTT and to activate the openHAB channel.