Somfy Tahoma Binding

This binding integrates the Somfy Tahoma and Somfy Connexoon home automation systems.

Supported Things

Currently these things are supported:

  • bridge (Somfy Tahoma bridge, which can discover gateways, roller shutters, awnings, switches and action groups)
  • gateways (Somfy Tahoma gateway - gateway status)
  • gates (control gate, get state)
  • roller shutters (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a roller shutter). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a shutter (0-100%)
  • blinds (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a blind). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a blinds (0-100%) as well as orientation of slats (0-100%)
  • screens (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a screen). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a screen (0-100%)
  • garage doors (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a garage door). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a garage door (0-100%)
  • awnings (UP, DOWN, STOP control of an awning). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of an awning (0-100%)
  • windows (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a window). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a window (0-100%)
  • pergolas (UP, DOWN, STOP control of a pergola). IO Homecontrol devices are allowed to set exact position of a pergola (0-100%)
  • on/off switches (connected by RTS, IO protocol or supported by USB stick - z-wave, enocean, ..)
  • light switches (similar to on/off)
  • light sensors (luminance value)
  • occupancy sensors (OPEN/CLOSE contact)
  • smoke sensors (OPEN/CLOSE contact, alarm check)
  • contact sensors (OPEN/CLOSE contact)
  • temperature sensors (get temperature)
  • electricity sensors (get energy consumption)
  • door locks (LOCK/UNLOCK, OPEN/CLOSE commands)
  • heating systems (control temperature, set heating level)
  • alarms (both interior/external)
  • pods
  • docks (battery info, siren control)
  • sirens (battery status full/low/normal/verylow, siren control ON/OFF, setting memorized volume)
  • action groups (scenarios which can execute predefined Tahoma group of steps, e.g. send to all roller shutters DOWN command, one by one)

Both Somfy Tahoma and Somfy Connexoon gateways have been confirmed working.


To start a discovery, just

  • install this binding
  • open Paper UI
  • add a new thing in menu Configuration/Things
  • choose SomfyTahoma Binding and select Somfy Tahoma Bridge
  • enter your email (login) and password to the TahomaLink cloud portal

If the supplied TahomaLink credentials are correct, the automatic discovery starts immediately and detected roller shutters, awnings, switches and action groups appear in Paper UI inbox.

Thing Configuration

To manually configure the thing you have to specify bridge and things in *.things file in conf/addons directory of your openHAB 2.x installation. To manually link the thing channels to items just use the *.items file in conf/items directory of your openHAB 2.x installation. To retrieve thing configuration and url parameter, just add the automatically discovered device from your inbox and copy its values from thing edit page. (the url parameter is visible on edit page only) Please see the example below.


Thing Channel Note
bridge N.A bridge does not expose any channel
gateway status status of your Tahoma gateway
gate gate_command used for controlling your gate (open, close, stop, pedestrian)
gate gate_state get state of your gate
roller shutter, screen, venetian blind, garage door, awning, pergola, curtain control device controller which reacts to commands UP/DOWN/ON/OFF/OPEN/CLOSE/MY/STOP + closure 0-100
window control device controller which reacts to commands UP/DOWN/ON/OFF/OPEN/CLOSE/STOP + closure 0-100
venetian blind, adjustable slats roller shutter orientation percentual orientation of the blind's slats, it can have value 0-100). For IO Homecontrol devices only (non RTS)
adjustable slats roller shutter rocker used for setting the rocker position of the roller shutter, the only position allowing the slats control
action group execute_action switch which reacts to ON command and triggers the predefined Tahoma action
onoff, light switch reacts to standard ON/OFF commands
smoke sensor, occupancy sensor & contact sensor contact normal value is CLOSE, changes to OPEN when detection triggered
smoke sensor short_check triggering the smoke sensor's short check
smoke sensor long_check triggering the smoke sensor's long check
light sensor luminance light luminance value in luxes
electricity sensor energy_consumption energy consumption value in watts
dock battery_status indicates running on battery (yes/no)
dock battery_level remaining battery percentage
dock siren_status used for controlling and getting siren state (on, off, cyclic)
dock short_beep testing of dock's siren - short beep
dock long_beep testing of dock's siren - long beep
siren battery battery level full/low/normal/verylow
siren onoff controlling siren status ON/OFF
siren memorized_volume setting memorized volume (normal/highest)
pod cyclic_button pod cyclic button state
pod battery_status pod battery status state
pod lighting_led_pod_mode lighting LED pod mod state
interior alarm alarm_command used for sending commands to Somfy alarm device
interior alarm intrusion_control used for alarm external intrusion controlling
interior alarm alarm_state state of the Somfy alarm
interior alarm target_alarm_state target state of the Somfy alarm
interior alarm intrusion_state intrusion state of the Somfy alarm
external alarm active_zones_state state of external alarm active zones
door lock lock switch representing unlocked/locked state
door lock open switch representing open/close state
on/off heating system target_heating_level target heating level (off, eco, comfort, frostprotection)
heating system current_temperature current temperature of the heating system
heating system current_state current state of the heating system
heating system target_temperature target temperature of the heating system
heating system battery_level battery level of the heating system
temperature sensor temperature temperature reported by the sensor

When a roller shutter-like thing receives STOP command, there are two possible behaviours

  • when the roller shutter is idle then MY command is interpreted (the roller shutter/exterior screen/awning goes to your favourite position)
  • when the roller shutter is moving then STOP command is interpreted (the roller shutter/exterior screen/awning stops)

Full Example

.things file

Bridge somfytahoma:bridge:237dbae7 "Somfy Tahoma Bridge" [ email="[email protected]", password="MyPassword", refresh=10 , statusTimeout=30] {
    Thing gateway 1214-4519-8041 "Tahoma gateway" [ id="1214-4519-8041" ]
    Thing rollershutter 31da8dac-8e09-455a-bc7a-6ed70f740001 "Bedroom" [ url="io://0204-1234-8041/6825356" ]
    Thing rollershutter 87bf0403-a45d-4037-b874-28f4ece30004 "Living room" [ url="io://0204-1234-8041/3832644" ]
    Thing rollershutter 68bee082-63ab-421d-9830-3ea561601234 "Hall" [ url="io://0204-1234-8041/4873641" ]
    Thing actiongroup 2104c46f-478d-6543-956a-10bd93b5dc54 "1st floor up" [ url="2104c46f-478d-6543-956a-10bd93b5dc54" ]
    Thing actiongroup 0b5f195a-5223-5432-b1af-f5fa1d59074f "1st floor down" [ url="0b5f195a-5223-5432-b1af-f5fa1d59074f" ]
    Thing actiongroup 712c0019-b422-1234-b4da-208e249c571b "2nd floor up" [ url="712c0019-b422-1234-b4da-208e249c571b" ]
    Thing actiongroup e201637b-de3b-1234-b7af-5693811a953b "2nd floor down" [ url="e201637b-de3b-1234-b7af-5693811a953b" ]
    Thing onoff 095d6c49-9712-4220-a4c3-d3bb7a6cc5f0 "Zwave switch" [ url="zwave://0204-4519-8041/5" ]
    Thing light 1b8e7d29-bf1e-4ae1-9432-3dfef52ef14d "Light switch" [ url="enocean://0204-4519-8041/4294453515/2" ]
    Thing lightsensor 2c90808c3a0c193f013a743f2f660f12 "Light sensor" [ url="io://0204-4519-8041/13527450" ]
    Thing occupancysensor 995e16ca-07c4-4111-9cda-504cb5120f82 "Occupancy sensor" [ url="io://0204-4519-8041/4855758" ]
    Thing smokesensor 9438e6ff-c17e-40d7-a4b4-3e797eca5bf7 "Smoke sensor" [ url="io://0204-4510-8041/13402124" ]
    Thing electricitysensor 9998e6ff-c17e-40d7-a4b4-3e797eca5bf7 "Electricity sensor" [ url="io://0204-4510-8041/288702124" ]
    Thing dock 1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134 "Dock" [ url="io://0204-4510-8041/244402124" ]
    Thing siren 1212f2e3-aeae-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134 "Siren" [ url="io://0204-4510-8041/244405678" ]

Awnings, garage doors, screens, blinds, and windows things have the same notation as roller shutters. Just use "awning", "garagedoor", "screen", "blind" or "window" instead of "rolleshutter" in thing definition.

.items file

String TahomaVersion "Tahoma version [%s]" { channel="somfytahoma:gateway:237dbae7:1214-4519-8041:version" }
Rollershutter RollerShutterBedroom "Roller shutter [%d %%]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:31da8dac-8e09-455a-bc7a-6ed70f740001:control"}
Dimmer RollerShutterBedroomD "Roller shutter dimmer [%.1f]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:31da8dac-8e09-455a-bc7a-6ed70f740001:control"}
Rollershutter RollerShutterLiving "Roller shutter [%d %%]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:87bf0403-a45d-4037-b874-28f4ece30004:control" }
Dimmer RollerShutterLivingD "Roller shutter dimmer [%.1f]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:87bf0403-a45d-4037-b874-28f4ece30004:control"}
Rollershutter RollerShutterHall "Roller shutter [%d %%]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:68bee082-63ab-421d-9830-3ea561601234:control"}
Dimmer RollerShutterHallD "Roller shutter dimmer [%.1f]"  {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:68bee082-63ab-421d-9830-3ea561601234:control"}

Rollershutter AwningTerrace "Terrace awning [%d %%]"  {channel="somfytahoma:awning:237dbae7:24cee082-63ab-421d-9830-3ea561601234:control"}
Dimmer AwningTerraceD "Terrace awning dimmer [%.1f]"  {channel="somfytahoma:awning:237dbae7:24cee082-63ab-421d-9830-3ea561601234:control"}

Switch Rollers1UP "Rollers 1st floor UP" {channel="somfytahoma:actiongroup:237dbae7:2104c46f-478d-6543-956a-10bd93b5dc54:execute_action", autoupdate="false"}
Switch Rollers1DOWN "Rollers 1st floor DOWN" {channel="somfytahoma:actiongroup:237dbae7:0b5f195a-5223-5432-b1af-f5fa1d59074f:execute_action", autoupdate="false"}
Switch Rollers2UP "Rollers 2nd floor UP" {channel="somfytahoma:actiongroup:237dbae7:712c0019-b422-1234-b4da-208e249c571b:execute_action", autoupdate="false"}
Switch Rollers2DOWN "Rollers 2nd floor DOWN" {channel="somfytahoma:actiongroup:237dbae7:e201637b-de3b-1234-b7af-5693811a953b:execute_action", autoupdate="false"}

Switch TahomaZwaveSwitch "Switch" { channel="somfytahoma:onoff:237dbae7:095d6c49-9712-4220-a4c3-d3bb7a6cc5f0:switch" }
Switch TahomaLightSwitch "Light Switch" { channel="somfytahoma:light:237dbae7:1b8e7d29-bf1e-4ae1-9432-3dfef52ef14d:switch" }

Number LightSensor "Light Sensor [%.1f lux]" { channel="somfytahoma:lightsensor:237dbae7:2c90808c3a0c193f013a743f2f660f12:luminance" }
Number:Energy EnergyConsumptionSensor "Energy Consumption [%.1f W]" { channel="somfytahoma:electricitysensor:237dbae7:9998e6ff-c17e-40d7-a4b4-3e797eca5bf7:energy_consumption" }

Contact OccupancySensor "Occupancy Sensor is [%s]" { channel="somfytahoma:occupancysensor:237dbae7:995e16ca-07c4-4111-9cda-504cb5120f82:contact" }
Contact SmokeSensor "Smoke Sensor is [%s]" { channel="somfytahoma:smokesensor:237dbae7:9438e6ff-c17e-40d7-a4b4-3e797eca5bf7:contact" }
Contact ContactSensor "Contact Sensor is [%s]" { channel="somfytahoma:contactsensor:237dbae7:6612f2e3-d23d-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:contact" }

Number TemperatureSensor "Temperature is [%2.1f °C]" { channel="somfytahoma:temperaturesensor:237dbae7:6612f2e3-d23d-21dd-b4a7-13ef7abcd134:temperature" }
String HeatingSystemLevel "Heating level [%s]" { channel="somfytahoma:onoffheatingsystem:237dbae7:6612f2e3-abcd-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:target_heating_level"}

Switch DoorLock "Lock" { channel="somfytahoma:doorlock:237dbae7:6612f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:lock" }
Switch DoorLockOpenClose "Open/Close" { channel="somfytahoma:doorlock:237dbae7:6612f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:open" }

String DockBatteryStatus "Dock battery status [%s]" { somfytahoma:dock:237dbae7:1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:battery_status }
String DockBatteryLevel "Dock battery level [%s]" { somfytahoma:dock:237dbae7:1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:battery_level }
String DockSiren "Dock siren [%s]" { somfytahoma:dock:237dbae7:1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:siren }
Switch DockShortBeep "Dock short beep" { somfytahoma:dock:237dbae7:1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:short_beep }
Switch DockLongBeep "Dock long beep" { somfytahoma:dock:237dbae7:1212f2e3-bcde-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:long_beep }

String SirenBattery "Siren battery [%s]" { somfytahoma:siren:237dbae7:1212f2e3-aeae-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:battery }
Switch SirenSwitch "Siren switch" { somfytahoma:siren:237dbae7:1212f2e3-aeae-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:onoff }
String SirenVolume "Siren volume [%s]" { somfytahoma:siren:237dbae7:1212f2e3-aeae-21dd-b3a6-13ef7abcd134:memorized_volume }

.sitemap file

Text item=TahomaVersion
Switch item=Rollers1UP label="Roller shutters 1st floor" mappings=[ON="UP"]
Switch item=Rollers1DOWN  label="Roller shutters 1st floor" mappings=[ON="DOWN"]
Switch item=Rollers2UP label="Roller shutters 2nd floor" mappings=[ON="UP"]
Switch item=Rollers2DOWN  label="Roller shutters 2nd floor" mappings=[ON="DOWN"]
Switch item=RollerShutterBedroom
Slider item=RollerShutterBedroomD
Switch item=RollerShutterLiving
Slider item=RollerShutterLivingD
Switch item=TahomaZwaveSwitch
Switch item=TahomaLightSwitch
Text item=LightSensor
Text item=OccupancySensor
Text item=SmokeSensor
Text item=ContactSensor
Text item=TemperatureSensor
Text item=ElectricitySensor
Switch item=HeatingSystemOnOff
Selection item=HeatingSystemLevel mappings=["frostprotection"="FROST PROTECTION", "comfort"="COMFORT", "eco"="ECO", "off"="OFF"]
Switch item=DoorLock
Switch item=DoorLockOpenClose
Text item=DockBatteryStatus
Text item=DockBatteryLevel
Selection item=DockSiren mappings=["off"="OFF", "on"="ON", "cyclic"="CYCLIC"]
Switch item=DockShortBeep
Switch item=DockLongBeep
String item=SirenBattery
Switch item=SirenSwitch
Selection item=SirenVolume mappings=["normal"="NORMAL", "highest"="HIGHEST"]

Alexa compatibility

This binding is compatible with the official Alexa Smart Home Skill. Since Rolleshutter items are unsupported, only Dimmer with control channel can be used. Syntax in .item file is as follows:

Dimmer RollerShutterLivingD "Roller shutter living [%.1f]"  [ "Lighting" ] {channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter:237dbae7:87bf0403-a45d-4037-b874-28f4ece30004:control"}

Alexa can set the roller shutter (awning, blind, ...) to a specific position as well as send ON (interpretted as UP) and OFF commands (interpretted as DOWN).