Feed Binding

This binding allows you to integrate feeds in the openHAB environment. The Feed binding downloads the content, tracks for changes, and displays information like feed author, feed title and description, number of entries, last update date.

It can be used in combination with openHAB rules to trigger events on feed change. It uses the ROME library for parsing and supports a wide range of popular feed formats - RSS 2.00, RSS 1.00, RSS 0.94, RSS 0.93, RSS 0.92, RSS 0.91 UserLand, RSS 0.91 Netscape, RSS 0.90, Atom 1.0, Atom 0.3.

Supported Things

This binding supports one Thing type: feed.


Discovery is not necessary.

Binding Configuration

No binding configuration required.

Thing Configuration

Required configuration:

Optional configuration:

  • refresh - a refresh interval defines after how many minutes the binding will check, if new content is available. Default value is 20 minutes


The binding supports following channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
latest-title String Contains the title of the last feed entry.
latest-description String Contains the description of last feed entry.
latest-date DateTime Contains the published date of the last feed entry.
author String The name of the feed author, if author is present
title String The title of the feed
description String Description of the feed
last-update DateTime The last update date of the feed
number-of-entries Number Number of entries in the feed



feed:feed:bbc  [ URL="http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/news_front_page/rss.xml?edition=uk"]
feed:feed:techCrunch [ URL="http://feeds.feedburner.com/TechCrunch/", refresh=60]


String latest_title           {channel="feed:feed:bbc:latest-title"}
String latest_description     {channel="feed:feed:bbc:latest-description"}
DateTime latest_date          {channel="feed:feed:bbc:latest-date"}
Number number_of_entries      {channel="feed:feed:bbc:number-of-entries"}
String description            {channel="feed:feed:bbc:description"}
String author                 {channel="feed:feed:bbc:author"}
DateTime published_date       {channel="feed:feed:bbc:last-update"}
String title                  {channel="feed:feed:bbc:title"}