Class CallType

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      • CallType

        public CallType()
      • CallType

        public CallType​(String value)
      • CallType

        public CallType​(String origNum,
                        String destNum)
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      • format

        public String format​(String pattern)

        Formats the value of this type according to a pattern (@see Formatter). One single value of this type can be referenced by the pattern using an index. The item order is defined by the natural (alphabetical) order of their keys.

        Index '1' will reference the call's destination number and index '2' will reference the call's origination number.

        Specified by:
        format in interface Type
        pattern - the pattern to use containing indexes to reference the single elements of this type.
        the formatted string
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object