Class ChannelGroupType

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    public class ChannelGroupType
    extends AbstractDescriptionType
    The ChannelGroupType contains a list of ChannelDefinitions and further meta information such as label and description, which are generally used by user interfaces.

    This type can be used for Things which offers multiple functionalities which belong all together.

    Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, Michael Grammling - Initial contribution
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChannelGroupType

        public ChannelGroupType​(ChannelGroupTypeUID uid,
                                boolean advanced,
                                String label,
                                String description,
                                List<ChannelDefinition> channelDefinitions)
                         throws IllegalArgumentException
        Use the ChannelGroupTypeBuilder instead.
        Creates a new instance of this class with the specified parameters.
        uid - the unique identifier which identifies this channel group type within the overall system (must neither be null, nor empty)
        advanced - true if this channel group type contains advanced features, otherwise false
        label - the human readable label for the according type (must neither be null nor empty)
        description - the human readable description for the according type (could be null or empty)
        channelDefinitions - the channel definitions this channel group forms (could be null or empty)
        IllegalArgumentException - if the UID is null, or the label is null or empty
    • Method Detail

      • isAdvanced

        public boolean isAdvanced()
        Returns true if this ChannelGroupType contains advanced functionalities which should be typically not shown in the basic view of user interfaces, otherwise false.
        true if this channel group contains advanced functionalities, otherwise false
      • getChannelDefinitions

        public List<ChannelDefinition> getChannelDefinitions()
        Returns the channel definitions this ChannelGroupType provides.

        The returned list is immutable.

        the channels this Thing type provides (not null, could be empty)
      • getCategory

        public String getCategory()