Interface ConfigurableService

  • public interface ConfigurableService

    ConfigurableService can be used as a marker interface for configurable services. But the interface itself is not relevant for the runtime. Each service which has the property SERVICE_PROPERTY_DESCRIPTION_URI set will be considered as a configurable service. The properties SERVICE_PROPERTY_LABEL and SERVICE_PROPERTY_CATEGORY are optional.

    The services are configured through the OSGi configuration admin. Therefore each service must provide a PID or a component name service property if the configuration is done by declarative services. If the Constants.SERVICE_PID property is not set the ComponentConstants.COMPONENT_NAME property will be used as fallback.

    Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution
    • Field Detail


        static final String SERVICE_PROPERTY_LABEL
        The label of the service to be configured.
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        static final String SERVICE_PROPERTY_CATEGORY
        The category of the service to be configured (e.g. binding).
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        static final String SERVICE_PROPERTY_FACTORY_SERVICE
        Marker for multiple configurations for this service ("true" = multiple configurations possible)
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