Class ConfigDescription

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    public class ConfigDescription
    extends Object
    implements Identifiable<URI>
    The ConfigDescription class contains a description for a concrete configuration of e.g. a Thing, a Bridge or other specific configurable services. This class does not contain the configuration data itself and is usually used for data validation of the concrete configuration or for supporting user interfaces.

    The ConfigDescriptionParameterGroup provides a method to group parameters to allow the UI to better display the parameter information. This can be left blank for small devices where there are only a few parameters, however devices with larger numbers of parameters can set the group member in the ConfigDescriptionParameter and then provide group information as part of the ConfigDescription class.

    The description is stored within the ConfigDescriptionRegistry under the given URI. The URI has to follow the syntax '<scheme>:<token>[:<token>]' (e.g. "binding:hue:bridge").

    Hint: This class is immutable.

    Michael Grammling - Initial contribution, Dennis Nobel - Initial contribution, Chris Jackson - Added parameter groups, Thomas Höfer - Added convenient operation to get config description parameters in a map