NeoHub Binding

The NeoHub binding allows you to connect openhab via TCP/IP to Heatmiser's NeoHub and integrate your NeoStat thermostats onto the bus.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/neohub.cfg.

The binding polls each thermostat that is configured in your items, at the refresh rate as set in the configuration.

refresh60000NoRefresh interval in milliseconds
hostnameYesthe NeoHub network address
port4242Nothe port number for the NeoHub interface

Item Configuration

Item strings simply consist of two components - the NeoStat device name (as set in the thermostat and in the mobile app, e.g. Office), and the NeoStat property (e.g. CurrentTemperature). Both parameters are only separated by a colon. Some examples are below.

Switch Heating_Office       "Heating Office"         {neohub="Office:Heating"}
Switch Away_Office          "Away Office"            {neohub="Office:Away"}
Switch Standby_Office       "Standby Office"         {neohub="Office:Standby"}
Number Temperature_Office   "Temperature [%.1f °C]"  {neohub="Office:CurrentTemperature"}

The following properties, and their associated item types are shown below. The R and RW in the description column indicate which properties are read only (RO) or read/write (RW).

PropertyType SupportedDescription
CurrentTemperatureNumberRO Current room temperature
CurrentSetTemperatureNumberRO Current set temperature
CurrentFloorTemperatureNumberRO Current floor temperature
DeviceNameStringRO Returns the device name
HeatingSwitch, StringRO Returns ON or OFF if heating is currently enabled or not
AwaySwitch, StringRW Returns ON or OFF if thermostat is in away mode or not
StandbySwitch, StringRW Returns ON or OFF if thermostat is in standby mode or not