EnOcean Binding v1


This 1.x binding is obsolete; it has been replaced by the 2.x enocean binding which you should use instead.

EnOcean provides reliable and self-powered wireless sensor solutions for the Internet of Things. This binding allows openHAB to monitor and control EnOcean devices through the EnOcean USB 300 gateway.

EnOcean Binding


  • USB 300 stick to control EnOcean devices. It is the only supported controller for now, and part of the EnOcean Development Kit (EDK).
  • See Supported Devices for curently supported EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEPs).
  • If you see errors in your log containing java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError, this discussion might be helpful.

Binding Configuration

This binding can be configured in the file services/enocean.cfg.

Property Default Required Description
serialPort Yes serial port (can be a virtual one) where the EnOcean transceiver is connected to. A USB adapter creates a virtual serial port (often it's /dev/ttyUSB0 under Linux)

Item Configuration

General format:

enocean="{id=<id_of_enocean_device> [, eep = <EEP_name>][, channel = <channel>][, parameter = <parameter>]}"


  • sections in [brackets] are optional
  • <id_of_enocean_device> is printed on the device package
  • <EEP_name>, is (when needed) the EEP (e.g. "F6.02.01") that is also printed on the device package. In openHAB, the three profile elements of the EEP are separated by colons : (e.g. "F6:02:01").
  • <channel> is specific to the supported devices (see below)
  • <parameter> is specific to the supported devices (see below)

Supported Devices

The EEP Profiles below are already supported. If your device is not listed, please add an issue for it here.

Rocker Switches

  • eep = F6:02:01 - Light and Blind Control - Application Style 1
  • eep = F6:02:02
  • channel = A / B
  • parameter =
    • I: The I button (normally the bottom one with the solid arrow sign) was pressed (Switch, pressed=Update to ON, released=Update to OFF)
    • O: The O button (normally the top one with the empty arrow sign) was pressed (Switch, pressed=Update to ON, released=Update to OFF)

Be aware that the parameters are still under discussion and can be subject to change.


Switch Button01top    "Switch left top"     <wallswitch> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01, channel=A, parameter=O}" }
Switch Button01bottom "Switch left bottom"  <wallswitch> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01, channel=A, parameter=I}" }
Switch Button02top    "Switch right top"    <wallswitch> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01, channel=B, parameter=O}" }
Switch Button02bottom "Switch right bottom" <wallswitch> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01, channel=B, parameter=I}" }

  • pressed: ON
  • released: OFF

EnOcean (roller shutter-) actors are not supported yet (27. November 2013). EnOcean switch to control not EnOcean actors:

To control a roller shutter
Rollershutter myShutters { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=F6:02:01}" }
  • Short press down: Close roller shutter or stop it when it was started shortly ago
  • Short press up: Open roller shutter or stop it when it was started shortly ago
  • Long press down: Close roller shutter as long as the button is pressed
  • Long press up: Open roller shutter as long as the button is pressed
To control a dimmer (left buttons = channel A):
Dimmer myLights { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}" }
  • Short press down: Switch light ON
  • Short press up: Switch light OFF
  • Long press down: Dim light UP as long as the button is pressed (INCREASE every 300ms)
  • Long press up: Dim light DOWN as long as the button is pressed (DECREASE every 300ms)
To us as a normal Switch (supported with 1.4.0):
Switch mySwitch { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}" }
  • Press down: Switch udated to ON
  • Press up: Switch updated to OFF

Environment Sensors

  • eep = A5:02:05 - Temperature Range from 0° to 40°
  • channel = none
  • parameter =
    • TEMPERATURE: The current temperature (Number, unit=°C)


Number UG_Flur_Temp "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=A5:02:05, parameter=TEMPERATURE}" }

Contact Sensors

  • eep = D5:00:01 - Single Input Contact
  • channel = none
  • parameter =
    • CONTACT_STATE: Contact Open / Closed (OpenClosedType)


Contact mySwitch "Test Switch" <contact> { enocean="{id=00:00:00:00, eep=D5:00:01, parameter=CONTACT_STATE}" }

sitemap example

sitemap enocean label="Enocean"
    Frame label="Rocker Switch" {
        Switch item=Button01top
        Switch item=Button01bottom
        Switch item=Button02top
        Switch item=Button02bottom
    Frame label="Contact" {
        Text item=mySwitch