Supported Technologies

Bindings and Bundles

Every technology or device, social network or cloud platform integrated into openHAB is supported by a specific bundle. Those bundles are optional and pluggable, they can be added to your openHAB as soon as you need them.

Bindings provide integration with different home automation technologies and devices while there are quite a lot of other bundles providing integration and communication with social networks, instant messaging, cloud IoT platfroms and much more.

Technology/Device Type Tags Status Bundle Since
AKM868 Device presence Production akm868 1.8.0
AlarmDecoder Device security Production alarmdecoder 1.6.0
Anel NET-PwrCtrl Device light, io Production anel 1.6.0
Autelis Device pool Production autelis 1.7.0
Asterisk PBX telephony, sip Production asterisk 0.9.0
Astro System astronomical time Production astro 1.5.0
BenQ Projector Device av Production benqprojector 1.6.0
Bluetooth Wireless presence, wearables Production bluetooth 0.3.0
Bticino/Legrand Device door communication Production bticino 1.7.0
Chamberlain MyQ Device garage Production chamberlainmyq 1.8.0
ComfoAir Zehnder Device ventilation, climate Production comfoair 1.3.0
CUPS Device printer Production cups 1.1.0
Daikin Device climate Production daikin 1.5.0
Davis Device weather Production davis 1.6.0
Denon Device audio, video Production denon 1.7.0
digitalSTROM Powerline lighting, metering, shades Production digitalstrom 1.3.0
DMX Wired lighting Production dmx 1.2.0
Dropbox Cloud storage Production dropbox 1.3.0
DSC Alarm Serial security Production dscalarm 1.6.0
DSMR Smartmeter Device smart meter Production dsmr 1.7.0
eBus Protocol hvac Production eBus 1.7.0
ecobee Device heating Production ecobee 1.7.0
eKey Device fingerprint, security, access control Production eKey 1.5.0
Energenie Device energy saving Production energenie 1.6.0
Enigma2 Device av Production - 1.6.0
EnOcean Wireless lighting, heating, metering Production enocean 1.3.0
Enphase Energy Device pv Production enphase 1.7.0
Epson Projector Device video, projector Production epsonprojector 1.3.0
Exec Protocol cli Production exec 0.6.0
FreeSWITCH PBX telephony, sip Production freeswitch 1.5.0
Fritz Box PBX telephony, sip Production fritzbox 0.7.0
Fritz AHA Wireless Powerline lighting, metering Production fritzaha 1.3.0
Frontier Silicon Radio Device audio Production frontiersilicon 1.7.0
Google Calendar Cloud automation, scheduling Production gcal 1.1.0
GPIO Device system, gpio Production gpio 1.5.0
HDAnywhere Device audio, video Production hdanywhere 1.4.0
Heatmiser Wired heating Production heatmiser 1.4.0
HMS FHZ 1x00 Device temperature, humidity Production hms 1.7.0
HomeMatic Wireless lighting, heating, shades, security, metering Production homematic 1.2.0
HTTP Protocol http Production http 0.6.0
IHC / ELKO Wired lighting, heating, shades, security, metering Production ihc 1.1.0
IEC 6205621 Device metering Production iec6205621 1.6.0
Insteon Hub Powerline lighting, shades, security Production insteonhub 1.4.0
Insteon PLM Powerline lighting, shades, security Production insteonplm 1.5.0
IPX800 Device automation Production ipx800 1.8.0
IRTrans Wireless infrared, climate, audio, video Production irtrans 1.5.0
Jointspace Protocol audio, video Production jointspace 1.5.0
KEBA EV Charging Station Device ev, energy Preview lifx 2.0a2
KNX Wired lighting, heating, shades, security, metering, ventilation, climate Production knx 0.1.0
Koubachi Wireless plants Production koubachi 1.2.0
LCN Device automation Production lcn 1.8.0
LG TV Device video Production lgtv 1.6.0
Libelium eHealth Kit Device health Production - 1.6.0
Leviton/HAI Omnilink Protocol home automation, security, lights, thermostats, audio, video Production omnilink 1.5.0
LIFX Device light Preview lifx 2.0a1
Lightwave RF Device remote control Production - 1.7.0
Logitech Harmony Device remote control Production harmony 1.7.0
MAX!Cube Wireless lighting, heating, shades, security, metering, ventilation, climate Production maxcube 1.4.0
Mailcontrol Protocol control Production - 1.7.0
Milight Wireless lighting Production milight 1.3.0
MiOS (Vera) Device lighting, heating, shades, security, metering, ventilation, climate Production mios 1.6.0
Modbus Wired lighting, heating, metering, ventilation, climate, industrial Production modbus 1.1.0
Mpd Protocol audio, music Production mpd 0.8.0
MQTT Protocol message, bus Production mqtt 1.3.0
MQTTitude Protocol location Production mqttitude 1.4.0
MyStrom Device energy Production mystrom 1.8.0
Netatmo Device weather, climate Production netatmo 1.4.0
Network Health Protocol network, ping Production nh 0.6.0
Nest Device heating, security Production nest 1.7.0
Network UPS Tool Device network, infrastructure Production nut 1.7.0
Nibe Heat Pump Device heating, heatpump Production nibeheatpump 1.3.0
Nikobus Wired lighting, shades, security Production nikobus 1.3.0
Novelan/Luxtronic Device heating, heatpump Production novelanheatpump 1.0.0
NTP Protocol date, time Production ntp 0.8.0
Oceanic Water Softener Device water Production - 1.5.0
Octoller Device diy Production - 1.8.0
One Wire Wired lighting, heating, climate Production onewire 0.6.0
Onkyo AV Receiver Device audio, video Production onkyo 1.3.0
Open Energy Monitor Device energy Production openenergymonitor 1.4.0
Openpaths Protocol geolocation Production openpaths 1.4.0
Open Sprinkler Device plants Production openSprinkler 1.3.0
Panasonic TV Device tv Production panasonictv 1.7.0
panSTAMP Device automation Production panstamp 1.8.0
Philips Hue Wireless lighting Production hue 1.2.0
Picnet Sapp Device automation Production picnet 1.8.0
Piface Device   Production piface 1.3.0
pilight Device   Production pilight 1.6.0
Pioneer AV Receiver Device audio, video Production pioneeravr 1.4.0
Plex Software audio, video Production plex 1.7.0
Plugwise Wireless lighting, metering Production plugwise 1.1.0
PLC Bus Powerline   Production plcbus 1.1.0
Primare Device audio, video Production primare 1.7.0
Pulseaudio Server Device audio, music Production pulseaudio 1.2.0
Pushover Cloud social, messaging Production - 1.5.0
Prowl Cloud social, messaging Production - 0.6.0
RCSwitch Device diy Production rcswitch 1.8.0
RFXCOM Wireless lighting, heating, security, weather, shades, metering Production rfxcom 1.2.0
RME Rainmaster Device irrigation Production - 1.5.0
RWE Smarthome Device automation Production rwesmarthome 1.8.0
SagerWeatherCaster Algorithm weather Production sagerweathercaster 1.7.0
Sallegra Device lighting, automation Production sallegra 1.8.0
Samsung TV Device tv, video Production samsungtv 1.2.0
Satel Integra Alarm System Device security Production satel 1.7.0 Cloud data, graphs Production sense 1.3.0
Serial Protocol serial Production serial 0.6.0
SMA Energy Meter Device energy meter Production smaenergymeter 2.0.0
SNMP Protocol network Production snmp 0.9.0
Sonance Device audio, dsp Production sonance 1.8.0
Souliss Device arduino, devices Production souliss 1.7.0
Squeezebox Device audio, music Production squeeze 1.3.0
System Info Device system, network Production systeminfo 1.3.0
Somfy URTSI Device shades Production urtsi 1.3.0
Stiebel Heatpump Device heating Production stiebelheatpump 1.8.0
Tesla Motors Device car Preview tesla 2.0a2
Sonos Device audio, music Production sonos 1.1.0
Swegon Device climate, ventilation Production swegon 1.1.0
TA CMI Device automation Production tacmi 1.8.0
TCP/UDP Protocol network Production tcp 1.1.0
Tellstick Wireless lighting, sockets, devices Production tellstick 1.5.0
Tinkerforge Device io, diy Production tinkerforge 1.3.0
Tivo Device video, multimedia Production tivo 1.4.0
Twitter Cloud social Production twitter 1.2.0
UC Projects Device diy Production ucprojects 1.8.0
VDR Device video, tv Production vdr 0.9.0
Vellemann K8055 Device gpio Production k8055 1.5.0
Vitotronic Device heating Preview vitotronic 2.0a2
WAGO Device lighting, heating Production wago 1.7.0
Waterkotte Ecotouch Device heating Production ecotouch 1.6.0
Wake on LAN Protocol network Production wol 0.6.0
Belkin Wemo Wireless light, switch Production wemo 1.6.0
Withings Device fitness, quantified self Production withings 1.5.0
X10 (through Insteon PLM) Device light, switch, heating Production x10 1.7.0
XBMC MediaCenter audio, video, pictures Production xbmc 1.5.0
Xively Cloud data, graphs Production xively 1.3.0
xPL Protocol homeautomation Production xPL 1.5.0
Yamaha AVR Device audio, video Production yamaha 1.5.0
Zibase Device lighting, heating, shades, security, metering, locks Production zwave 1.7.0
Z-Wave Device lighting, heating, shades, security, metering, locks Production zwave 1.5.0